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This play sold out its initial run at Dell’Arte. Written by Jim McManus it is based on the life experience of Eric Hollenbeck and his time in the A Shau Valley in 1968 during the Vietnam war as a radioman (they have a 6 second life expectancy in a fire fight). When Eric came home he put his experience down in a book called UNCLE SAM’S TOUR GUIDE TO SOUTHEAST ASIA.


RADIOMAN blends these stories through to current military conflicts across race, gender, rank and file. The stories from the jungles of Vietnam, the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, Blue Ox Historic Village and the triumphant construction of the historic recreation of Lincolns Hearse by a team of vets (created from a single old photo) all have love as a common theme. This is the love that allows the survivors and their families to make their journeys toward healing and redemption.

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