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Support Longshadr

Here is how you can support Longshadr. First, come see the shows.

That is why we created it after all.

Longshadr is not a non-profit (an intentional double negative there). There are multiple reasons. But primarily the last president changed the tax code so that you now need an astronomical amount of contributions to qualify to deduct any chartable contributions on your taxes. So we decided to try something different.

Want to be an “angel”? Still want to give directly to what you want to support? (And maybe not just to an organization but to a specific production? ). Ever see the movie the Producers? ("Don't Forget the Checkie! Can't Produce Plays without Checkie!" - Max Bialystock "The Producers").We are looking for co-producers, investors, much like the model used by commercial productions in New York City. Personally, I have written my last grant. Non-profits and foundations are back in the pre-pandemic dance, that was not working then, so why do it again now.

Is this risky?…absolutely. But is it fun?…incredibly. And you can always declare a business loss. We accept investments from $100 up. You will receive a written agreement…a contract if you will.

All angels split 50% of all profits once we have covered expenses. You will have a share in the future of the work. Payouts are according to level of investment. Everyone will get a full accounting of the production. Producers will get rehearsal access, backstage invites, listings in all programs and promotion, and inclusion in all production events.

If you are interested just email or call 707-223-0265. We will make it simple, personal and easy. And you will be an angel, make theatre happen again, and maybe you will find that theatrical pot of gold.

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