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madsummer is back!!!!


MADSUMMER will be a world premier theatre work that is a very free, jukebox musical, adaptation of MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM with all of the lovers over the age of 60, set in a nursing home during a pandemic with the staff of the home like Cirque on steroids (don't expect any Shakespearian verse). This will be a play with music. There will be a live band and songs, but also rich characters engaged with the human appetites ala’ the commedia dell’arte…”food money sex and justice”. It is a human comedy with the dark as well as the light. Carlo Mazzone Clementi, one of the founders of Dell’Arte once said that “life is 51% comedy and 49% tragedy and it is the two pushing against each other that creates the human comedy.” That will be MADSUMMER

It should be noted that, according to the Population Reference Bureau, the aging baby boom generation will fuel a 75% increase in older Americans requiring nursing home care to about 2.3 million people in 2030. And thematically, it should be stated that love, …deep, passionate love… is possible and doesn’t end as one ages.

MADSUMMER has been informed by

conversations with Life Care Humboldt and Hospice.

MADSUMMER opens on Feb 18 at 8pm at the Carlo Theatre, Dell’Arte in Blue Lake. Performances continue Feb 19 at 8pm and Feb 20 (Sunday) at 2pm as well as Thursday though Saturday Feb 24,25,26 at 8pm and Sunday Feb 27 at 2pm. Tickets at

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