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DAI MADSUMMER 2021_edited.jpg

Photo by Mark Larson


The first project of LONGSHADR will be part of the Baduwa't (Mad River) summer festival at Dell'Arte is called MADSUMMER.  It will be played on SATURDAY JULY 17 – 5PM to 7PM – in the Dell'Arte Amphitheatre. MADSUMMER is a first showing of what will be a very free, jukebox musical, adaptation of MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM with all of the lovers over the age of 60, set in a nursing home during a pandemic with the staff of the home like Cirque on steroids (don't expect any Shakespeare). The presentation this summer will be a concert version with songs we are working on for the piece along with some short scene excerpts. Songs include, I WANT TO BE SEDATED, OLD FRIENDS, I DON’T LOOK GOOD NAKED ANYMORE, OLDER LADIES, FOREVER YOUNG AND MY GENERATION among others. The songs will be played and sung by the amazing house band it has been my pleasure work with over many festivals, Marla Joy, Tim Randles, Jeff Kelley and Mike Labolle. The presentation will also include long time Dell’Arte Company members, Michael Fields & Donald Forrest, and invited guests including Wilda Thompson, Jeff Thomas, Laura Murillo Hart, Zera Starchild, Bob Wells, Lynne Wells, Kathryn Cesarz, and Jessie March among others.


It should be noted that, according to the Population Reference Bureau, the aging baby boom generation will fuel a 75% increase in older Americans requiring nursing home care to about 2.3 million people in 2030. And thematically, it should be stated that love, …deep, passionate love… is possible and doesn’t end as one ages.


MADSUMMER has been informed by conversations with Humboldt Life Care and Hospice. 


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